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04 Feb 2017Karewell
5 Quick Remedies For Fast Sinus Pressure & Sinus Headache Relief

Drink water

Hydrating with some H20 helps thin mucus making mucus easier to flush. 

Warm Compress

Applying a Sinus Relaxer to your sinuses relieves sinus pressure by easing swollen sinus tissues and increasing blow flow to sinuses

Steam your sinuses

Keeping sinuses moist is essential helps with drainage and nasal congestion relief. Be sure to carefully inhale your bowl of chicken noodle 

Nasal Irrigation 

If you want to open up your nasal passages and to clear out mucus and debris Try using Just Breathe Saline Swabs. These swabs are filled with soothing aloe and cleansing saline to help you clear and flush your nose of allergens, irritants and dust. Plust they will help moisturize your dry nose. 

Stress and fear can make your sinus symptoms flare up. Gently massaging sinuses and nasal passages will help them relax and release tension.