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14 Feb 2017Karewell
Tired Of A Stuffy Nose This Might Be The Reason For It

Tired of running nose? This might be the reason for it

That annoying moment when you lie on your side, hoping to find a comfortable position on your bed, then your stuffy nose robs you of a good night’s rest. You wake up feeling tired, weak while longing for a "good-nights" sleep. But you ever thought, what could have caused your stuffy nose last night?

Here is the list of possible causes of nasal congestion at night

Allergies: It could be an allergic reaction to your bedding or pillows, passive smoking or to various allergens like dust and animal hair. They gather on our clothes and at the night-time triggers the peak level of congestion.

Sinuses: Inflammation in the sinus problem leads to a stuffy nose. Symptoms could be awful at night and could be influenced by your sleeping posture.

Dry and dusty air: When the surrounding air lacks moisture, it can result in a blocked nose especially at night. Dryness of nasal passage causes the release of mucus and its overproduction leads to a blocked nose

Deviated septum: You may experience breathing problems and nose blockage only on one side at night-time due to a deviated septum, which narrows and restricts the airways.

Poor diet: Vitamin D deficiency, consuming high fatty foods like red meat leads to mucous creation. Feeding dairy product foods, like yogurt, sour cream and frost cream esp. at night not only causes nasal congestion but also strengthen illnesses like the cold and flu.

Nasal congestion is directly related to the substance that causes irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissues. Hence, it is necessary to recognize the real cause and treat them at the right time.