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Our FairPay plan allows you to choose a price you decide is fair to us, to our suppliers, and to you.

How it Works?

Sign up to our FairPay pricing plan. Browse and add items to your cart. Then choose the price you want to pay per item. Finally, simply check out and tell your friends.  

Sign up - Subscribe to our FairPay pricing plan
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Choose your price - Those the price that best fits your budget and you think is fair
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You determine the price you think is fair or simply select our suggested price

We make it easy for you to offer prices you think are fair. Just enter the price and add to cart. Can't determine a price? Simply select the suggested price button and we got you covered.

Full breakdown of taxes and duties
Different item categories have different tax rates
Charmin: $3.40
Crest 3D White: $1.89
Tide Pods: $4.67
Always Pads: $3.39
Bounty: $2.89

Over 12,000 + items to choose from 

Stock up and save on a wide selection of daily essentials from top brands such as: Dove, Neutrogena, Pampers, Oral-B, Vicks, Crest, Claritin, Centrum, Dr. Scholl's, Cerave, Purina, Nature Made, Tide, Huggies, NyQuil, Johnson Baby, Sundown, Playtex, Always, Aveeno, Downy, Clorox, Mrs. Meyers, Clubman Pinaud, Psst, Batiste, John Frieda, Marc Anthony, Loreal, Covergirl, Biore, Jergens, Cerave, Viactiv and many more!  

Lower your subscription payment when you pay fair 

Your subscription payment will go down in real time as you shop fairly. So the more fairly you price your items, the lower your subscription payment will be. Your payment goes down the closer your price is to our suggested price. 

Full breakdown of taxes and duties
Full breakdown of taxes and duties

We rate your fairness 

We assign all subcribers a Fairness Rating. Your Fairness Rating shows how fairly you shop our site and is the sole factor for how much your subscription payment will be on the next billing cycle. 

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Shop our products with ease just as a guest. We guarantee you'll love our wide-selection, prices, customer service and fast shipping. Check it out!

Full breakdown of taxes and duties

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